Blanche [Gift-Art]

2018-02-07_Blanche_For Hubert by MetalFeline

My friend’s cat passed away last year, so this is for them, as some kind of tribute.
They also asked me to draw her two years ago (in 2016), but I didn’t. Seems like this was the time…
I also recorded the whole process, but I am waiting on my friend to give me a song that I will put over the video and be some kind of timelapse / speedpainting.
I will update this post when it gets done.

Artwork (c) Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas
Do NOT use, edit, copy, trace, redistribute, etc…without my expressed written permission.
Thank you.

EDIT [2018-02-12]

My friend didn’t give me any song, so I had to pick one I liked. But here’s the video :


Request ChakatTailswisher

And here’s the last overdue request ! (asked in 2014, but I drew and colored it just now, in January 2018. XD).

This one is for ChakatTailswisher :)

I hope everything is in place…at some point you mentioned tan marks here and there, but I’m not sure if they were marks of darker blue ?
So I did darker blue around her right eye, because I thought I saw this in the ref sheet. :shrug:
I am also not sure is something should have been written / drawn on the metal plaque around her neck ? :p
If there’s anything to correct anyway, know that I always keep my PSD files, so correcting something is relatively easy.

Character (c) ChakatTailswisher :iconchakattailswisher:
Art (c) Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas

Do not use, edit, trace, copy, redistribute, make profit of (and so on…) without my written permission.
Thank you !

Annoyed (Work In Progress)


Here, have an annoyed Dorys in armor.

I’ve been working on this for ages. Decided to add the fishnets so the skin could still be visible (these are NOT tattoos !), while they would offer some protection. There is background stuff, normally, but I decided to hide it so ya’ll can see her fancy armor I’ve spent ages designing.
There’s normally a table and a glass, and maybe a sword somewhere.
Oh, and she looks annoyed, probably because someone near her is talking too much shit. XD

Next time, shading and bakground !

Art, character (Dorys) and the Wyldaeren species (c) Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas
Do not : copy, edit, redistribute, make profit of, etc…without my expressed written permission !
Thank you for your understanding !


Torn 2

Finally, after two full years of not drawing (I’ve been writing, working on “Demonic Encounter”…I can’t be everywhere, I guess. ^^) I’ve decided to kind of “redo” this picture :…

I’ve used this photo as a reference :…

This is the exact same character on these two pictures. She is my persona and has gone through many names and changes at this point. I used to call her “Jyn”, “Sun-Shynn”, then “Lùnsheynn” (it has become her middlename in my headcanon), then I’ve settled on the name “Dorys”, which is my third name (just replace the “y” with a “i”), and I think this will be her last name change.

Let me know what you think of it. :)

Artwork, Dorys, and her species (Wyldaeren) (c) Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas.
Do not use, edit, redistribute, make profit (and so on) without my written permission.

[Gift-art]_Worgen Zee

Gift-art_The-Zombie-Cat_Zee Worgen portrait by MetalFeline wat

Just to cheer up The-Zombie-Cat. 🙂
I know it’s not much, but I haven’t been drawing for a looonng time and my skills have been (and are still) suffering from it.
Hopefully I stopped playing WoW, so I can get back to this…I hope.
I could have done better on the picture as well, but didn’t want to force myself (I can’t be bothered by it now). I don’t want it to be some kind of chore. I know there may be some errors here and there. It’s not perfect. :/

About the picture :

The piercings were somewhat of an afterthought. XD
That and I didn’t know how to shade and how to draw fur anymore. I had to go through tutorials again, lol.
I had to constantly have a reference of Zee in front of me for fear of forgetting something. XD But at least it helped me well enough. XD
Without it I guess would have probably forgotten the scars and the piercings, the collar and the soul (the little shining thing attached to the collar) too…everything !

Tell me if you like it or not.
All comments are welcome. 🙂

Art (c) Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas
Character (Zee) (c) Misty Miller aka “The-Zombie-Cat”


Pour The-Zombie-Cat. 🙂

Ca fait hyper longtemps que je n’ai pas dessiné et je le ressens à chaque fois que je fais quelque chose de nouveau.
Heureusement que j’ai arrêté World of Warcraft, parce que là, c’était plus possible. Enfin je vais pouvoir redessiner , enfin j’espère. XD
J’aurai pu travailler l’image mieux que ça, mais pour l’instant, je ne veux pas trop pousser. Après tout, ça fait quand même des mois que je n’ai rien fais. Je ne veux pas on plus que ça devienne une corvée. Je sais qu’il y a des erreurs. Ce n’est pas parfait. :/

A propos de l’image :

J’ai pensé aux piercings un peu à la dernière minute. XD
Je ne me rappelais absolument pas comment faire la fourrure ou même les ombres et lumières. J’ai du regarder un tas de tutoriels pour m’en rappeler, lol.
J’avais constamment la fiche du personnage sous le nez, de peur d’oublier ou de foirer quelque chose. Au moins elle m’aura aider aussi. Sans ça, je crois que j’aurai oublié les cicatrices et les piercings, le collier et l’âme (la chose qui brille en orange, attachée au collier) aussi…bref, tout ! XD

Dites moi si vou aimez ou pas.
Tout les commentaires sont les bienvenus. 🙂

Art (c) Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas
Personnage (Zee) (c) Misty Miller aka “The-Zombie-Cat”

Fritz_Line Art Colored_by NinjaKato [Collab]


EDIT 31-01-2018 : I just fixed his earring which lacked shading.

EDIT 18/03/2012 : Added the glow of the stick, added my signature. :o , properly colorized the metal spike on his bracelet.

A loooooooonggg time ago, I saw a lineart made by :iconsterlingruinsfall337: of her character Fritz, and decided to color it. That was like…4 years ago ? or something. I can’t honestly remember. xD

So the design of the character is no longer accurate. And I did colorize quickly, the edges are not even smooth. But whatever, I thought I’d post it anyway.

It was also my very first try at colorizing in paint tool sai. Brushes are fun. Too bad it lacks some other simple options like text adding. I had to add it in photoshop.

Soooo :

Lineart and character (c) NinjaKato
Colorization (c) Aurore «MetalFeline» Ciholas
Please, do not claim as your own, copy, roleplay, etc…without my and NinjaKato’s  expressed written permission !
Thank you !

Woman With A Blue Hat [Redux]

2011_Woman with a blue hat_Digital Redux_by MetalFeline wat

This one is the digital redux of this painting I did in 2001, it was my first. There : [link]

I was about to texture the vest and ribbon, but decided it looked better without, and also because I couldn’t find a decent texture that would fit.

Enjoy. :)

Artwork (c) Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas
Do not trace, copy, edit, claim as your own, etc…thanks.