Torn 2

Finally, after two full years of not drawing (I’ve been writing, working on “Demonic Encounter”…I can’t be everywhere, I guess. ^^) I’ve decided to kind of “redo” this picture :…

I’ve used this photo as a reference :…

This is the exact same character on these two pictures. She is my persona and has gone through many names and changes at this point. I used to call her “Jyn”, “Sun-Shynn”, then “Lùnsheynn” (it has become her middlename in my headcanon), then I’ve settled on the name “Dorys”, which is my third name (just replace the “y” with a “i”), and I think this will be her last name change.

Let me know what you think of it. :)

Artwork, Dorys, and her species (Wyldaeren) (c) Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas.
Do not use, edit, redistribute, make profit (and so on) without my written permission.


Last Howl illustration

Last howl by MetalFeline wat

This picture is the companion to this poem :
And for those who don’t know, the character you see here is Lùnsheynn, my persona / alter-ego.
I started to draw it shortly after I wrote the poem, but only found the time and skill to finish it now.
And for once, I did the moon and stars entirely by hand, and in Paint tool SAI, as well as some light “space effects”.
I had to redo the moon 3 times to get it right ! XD
The blood on the snow was really hard too, I redid it not less than 5 times !
Compared to this, the rest was pretty much easy. XD

Critiques, comments, please ?

Artwork and character (Lùnsheynn) (c) Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas
Do not use, edit, trace, redistribute, roleplay, make profit from, etc…
Thank you !

Cette image va avec ce poème :
Et pour ceux qui ne savent pas, le perso représenté ici est Lùnsheynn, mon alter-ego.
Je l’avais commencée pas très longtemps après avoir écrit le poème, mais j’ai seulement trouvé le temps et les compétences pour la finir maintenant.
Et pour une fois j’ai fais la lune et les étoiles entièrement dans Paint Tool SAI (programme de dessin), ainsi que de légers effets pour l’espace.
J’ai refais la lune et le sang au moins 5 fois, pour que ce soit bien !
Comparé à ça, le reste était plutôt facile. XD

Dessin et personnage (Lùnsheynn) (c) Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas
Ne pas utiliser, redistribuer, décalquer, etc…
Merci !

The call of the wild

Have you ever heard the call of the wild ?
Deep inside your soul
Sinking in your mind
(Have you) Ever felt running
Within the darkness
Your hideout
Your mistress
Be left breathless
After having running down an endless
Path of dreams
Gigantic fields
And shinning stars
Howl in the air
Follow the rythm
The call of the wild is something sweet…

© Aurore Ciholas

Sunday 24 May 2009_3h20 AM
Again, « picturing » the spirit of the wild, I was dreaming awake. :p

Run wild friend, run…

Run wild friend run
Howl my name
And take me by the hand
Lead me to the place
Where your heart gets a rest
Show me your paradise
When I look into your eyes
I can see it so clearly
Tell me
Did you hear the wind blow?
Take me where your heart wants to go
Take me there, ya know
Where the starts fall
Into golden rain
The trip ends up in a call
Onto a wild mountain

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Wednesday 10-12-2008 20h17

Time for the hunt

In the snowy field,
They walk silently
Through the winter night,
They howl endlessly
They run through the dark
The rest of the pack
Their prey in the night
It’s time for the hunt
Watch them stalk and lurk
Time to bite, time to kill
Time to make some hot blood spill
Filtering through the cold snow
Hear their whispers…
They talk to each other
Time will soon come,
For their prey to be undone
And soon the race will start
To escape death in the winterheart
A life will end,
Another will be
The circle of life
Is eternally meant to be
You can still see their souls
Roaming in the night
You can still hear the howls
Of the family pack

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Tuesday 27 november 2007 16h40
I was bored when I wrote this.
I hope you are not bored reading it though… :p

Last Howl

My time has come…
I’m lying in the snow…
So cold…
I’m doing my last call
Can someone hear me?
Don’t let it be my last howl…
I need you…
Come to me
Savin’ me…
While it falls on me
Making my body colder
And colder…
I don’t want to cross the border…
Not now…
Will I ever see the dawn again…
And feel the warmth of the sun…
And while my hot blood stains
The pure white snow
I’m falling down on my knees
Raising my neck in the frozen air
And making a call in the cold breeze
Here in this landscape,
Of white purity
Opening the doors, off from agony…
Looks like paradise…
And so here I’ll die
My body…
I feel it bound by ice…
I cannot move…
I feel frozen inside…
Yet my spirit free remains…
I will roam in my domain
Escaping reality…
For another dreamland of tragedy…

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Sunday 18 november 2007 16h10, then I wrote it’s continuation (after the star), on Saturday 18 january 2008 1h00.

Captive melancholy

Do you hear it’s howl…?
In the heart of winter…
Like a captive soul,
Spreading a prayer…
A heart in a cage,
Longing for freedom…
Hearing its pack mates
And willing to escape
From this boredom…
A captive melancholy
That the wind will carry…

That I cannot be chained
For eternity
One day I’ll escape
For my destiny…

You are so far away
But I cannot reach you
I wish to fly away…
Just to be with you…

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Friday 16 November 2007 22h15
Wrote this just after I have watched this video…it really made me cry…here: please watch it, so you know what I’m talking about in this poem.
I have nothing much to say…I just hope you enjoy my art…:)

J’ai écris ça juste après avoir regardé cette vidéo, elle m’a émue : svp regardez-la, comme ça vous saurez de quoi je parle dans ce poème.