Blanche [Gift-Art]

2018-02-07_Blanche_For Hubert by MetalFeline

My friend’s cat passed away last year, so this is for them, as some kind of tribute.
They also asked me to draw her two years ago (in 2016), but I didn’t. Seems like this was the time…
I also recorded the whole process, but I am waiting on my friend to give me a song that I will put over the video and be some kind of timelapse / speedpainting.
I will update this post when it gets done.

Artwork (c) Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas
Do NOT use, edit, copy, trace, redistribute, etc…without my expressed written permission.
Thank you.

EDIT [2018-02-12]

My friend didn’t give me any song, so I had to pick one I liked. But here’s the video :


Request ChakatTailswisher

And here’s the last overdue request ! (asked in 2014, but I drew and colored it just now, in January 2018. XD).

This one is for ChakatTailswisher :)

I hope everything is in place…at some point you mentioned tan marks here and there, but I’m not sure if they were marks of darker blue ?
So I did darker blue around her right eye, because I thought I saw this in the ref sheet. :shrug:
I am also not sure is something should have been written / drawn on the metal plaque around her neck ? :p
If there’s anything to correct anyway, know that I always keep my PSD files, so correcting something is relatively easy.

Character (c) ChakatTailswisher :iconchakattailswisher:
Art (c) Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas

Do not use, edit, trace, copy, redistribute, make profit of (and so on…) without my written permission.
Thank you !

Torn 2

Finally, after two full years of not drawing (I’ve been writing, working on “Demonic Encounter”…I can’t be everywhere, I guess. ^^) I’ve decided to kind of “redo” this picture :…

I’ve used this photo as a reference :…

This is the exact same character on these two pictures. She is my persona and has gone through many names and changes at this point. I used to call her “Jyn”, “Sun-Shynn”, then “Lùnsheynn” (it has become her middlename in my headcanon), then I’ve settled on the name “Dorys”, which is my third name (just replace the “y” with a “i”), and I think this will be her last name change.

Let me know what you think of it. :)

Artwork, Dorys, and her species (Wyldaeren) (c) Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas.
Do not use, edit, redistribute, make profit (and so on) without my written permission.

Fritz_Line Art Colored_by NinjaKato [Collab]


EDIT 31-01-2018 : I just fixed his earring which lacked shading.

EDIT 18/03/2012 : Added the glow of the stick, added my signature. :o , properly colorized the metal spike on his bracelet.

A loooooooonggg time ago, I saw a lineart made by :iconsterlingruinsfall337: of her character Fritz, and decided to color it. That was like…4 years ago ? or something. I can’t honestly remember. xD

So the design of the character is no longer accurate. And I did colorize quickly, the edges are not even smooth. But whatever, I thought I’d post it anyway.

It was also my very first try at colorizing in paint tool sai. Brushes are fun. Too bad it lacks some other simple options like text adding. I had to add it in photoshop.

Soooo :

Lineart and character (c) NinjaKato
Colorization (c) Aurore «MetalFeline» Ciholas
Please, do not claim as your own, copy, roleplay, etc…without my and NinjaKato’s  expressed written permission !
Thank you !

Moonlight Killer

2008-02_Moonlight killer (for Bret) bloody by MetalFeline

I started this one for someone I know over the net in….July.
No joke, i just didn’t have the mood before, and this morning I finally managed to finish it (especially the knife).
All was made by hand except the moon, which is a brush from [link] (awesome).

Also I didn’t explain why there is all this mist. XD
The reason is quite simple…first I didn’t know where to stuck his right arm, next I got finally lazy to draw the legs and paws, and finally….the mist reallly gives the gloomy atmosphere I wanted. XDDD

I think the picture is a desktop size ;) But please….DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE EVERYWHERE WITHOUT MENTIONING MY NAME.
Thank you

So….character (no name yet O_o) (c) Aurore Ciholas and his owner


2008-02_Moonlight killer (for Bret) clean by MetalFeline