Commission Prices and Rules


What is a commission : It’s when someone pays you (usually with real money [Paypal or mail]) to draw something for them.

Status : CLOSED (for now).


*All rules are subject to change as I see fit and without warning. Please, keep updated !

*Prices may vary depending upon the complexity of the background and the character.

*My commissions are DIGITAL ONLY.

*All prices are in the EURO currency.

*You must pay me before I start sketching.

*I might draw clothing (here again, just ask).

*I will do edits, mainly on the sketch, before I start coloring (edits after that are too complicated and they will just be quite minor ones).

*After the coloring, only minor edits will be done (no drastical changes in pose, perspective, etc…).

*When it comes to my digital works, I DO NOT do prints. I will however, e-mail you the high resolution file which you can print out yourself.

What I need from you :

*You must provide me with a detailed reference sheet, in which I will see all the markings, scars, accessories that are optional, and those which aren’t.

*No picture? No worries! Just please describe your character as detailed as possible.

*Provide me with a precise description of what you want.

*If you have a backstory of your character, linking it to me will be appreciated.

*NO Sprite Sheets please.
*Any specific poses ?
*How you want your commission done. Ex: “I would like a colored, full body with no background commission of my character.”

*Please do NOT say you want me to do a commission, then shortly back out. Either you want one, or you don’t say anything at all.

*I draw :

-Mostly animals for now, preferably canines, felines, were creatures, dragons (without scales).

-Some gore : mainly blood.

-Nudity : ask.

*I don’t draw :

-Porn / hentai.

-Detailed nudity.
-Drug references.
-Offensive material.
-Heavy religious values.




Digital coloring Programs : Easy Paint Tool Sai, Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Tablet : Wacom Graphire 4.


Icon (color, detailed) : 4 euro

Portraits :

Sketch : 3 euro

Lineart: 5 euro

Greyscale : 7 euro

Tatoo design / tribal : 9 euro

Color, with decorative background : 11 euro

An extra 5 euro per EXTRA character. I will draw up to 3 people.

Whole body :

Sketch : 5 euro

Lineart : 8 euro

Greyscale : 10 euro

Tatoo design / tribal : 15 euro

Color :

Single character, « plain » color background (white, or else) : 20 euro

Single character, decorative background : 25 euro

Single character, undetailed background : 30 euro

Single character, detailed background : 35 euro

An extra 9 euro per EXTRA [full body] character. I will draw up to 2 people.
All prices RANGE depending on how much detail of the character and complexity of background.

Busts (anthro only) :

Sketch : 4 euro

Lineart: 7 euro

Greyscale : 9 euro

Tatoo design / tribal : 14 euro

Color, with decorative background : 18 euro

Add up to 10 euro per additional character, depending on their design complexity.

Please note that all prices may range depending on the complexity of the pose and design of the character. These are only indicative prices but you may pay more depending on what you ask for.



*Paypal, or normal concealed cash.
*I live in France, if outside, please convert your money into EUROs.
*Once the money is received is when I start your picture.
*I will keep you updated from when I start sketching at your request.



E-mail me at with the subject “Commission?”, or devnote me here.
Please write your Real Name or alias, what you want drawn along with a reference pic or description, what you want me to draw, and I will reply with your total cost. As well as getting your address to send it. 



*Please note that you DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS to this image that I create for you, and you DO NOT have permission to make copies and sell my artwork, even if you paid for it. You have paid for my services, and the right to own an original. Any reproduction without permission is copyright infringement and can be fined.


*I reserve the rights to the money of the artwork I’ve completed if you back out in the process without notice. If you decide I’m ‘taking too long’ and you did not tell me when you would like the artwork — it’s your own fault. Not mine. I try my best in what I do, to only provide the best quality for you to purchase.

“There are three parts to it: quality, time, and money. You can’t have all three. If you want quality, you have to be willing to give the artist more money or time to complete the task; if you want it done faster, you have to pay more or accept lower quality work; if you don’t want to pay as much, then you have to sacrifice speed or quality for it, and so on.” — Quoted by *Ryuura

Thank you. ^_^



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