Fading darkness

Life is senseless
I feel void, emptiness
Aimless sensations are
Creeping onto me
In my loneliness
I want so much to Walk
Walk away
Let me guide you on the dark path
Where darkness fades away
In favor of the light
Run through the woods
Of mystery
Run, and let your spirit free
What if, I want to live fast
And run
Towards the light
Deceiving myself
Believing I can do it again
Guide you and me
Throughout this pain

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Friday 14h20


Ecorchée vive

Tues moi, vite fait bien fait
Allonge moi la et laisse moi crever
Regarde moi mourir a petit feu
Alors que je n’essaye meme pas de respirer
Hier j’etais si bien
Aujourd’hui il ne me reste rien
Que la peur, la fureur
De mon coeur qui se meurt
Devoré par la rage
Comme enfermé dans une cage
Et qui s’en va au large
Dans un ocean de souffrance
Et d’agonie
Dans lequel je me noie
Incapable de retourner vers toi
Faire demi-tour
Et tuer cet amour
Avant d’etre ecorchée vive
Et de rejoindre l’autre rive

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Samedi 04-08-2012

Summer sunset

The sun is going down
And the moon awakes
By the fainting light
Adorning new colors
For the night to begin
The wind rises from
It’s ethereal sleep
And a soft and warm breeze
Caresses my cheeks
The stars will show up soon
Under the celestial sky
Which now has pastels
Colors of the twilight
Welcoming more and more
Their starry majesties
From all their royal beauty
Will look at us from above
Wrapped in mystery
Under the dark alcove

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Friday 31-05-2012

In my dreams

In my dreams I saw you
You were so close to me
We were so happy
But now it’s all gone
And I stay still
Down on my knees
I was deceived
By my own illusions
My wildest dreams
Drowning in delusion
So far away
From it all
And all is turning black
I’m trapped in the dark
Will it ever come back
No, no one knows
No one can tell
For dreams can come true
But require to go through
So much pain
All is lie
All can die
At once
And vanish
Slip between fingers
Like the sand
Of the hottest desert
And the forgotten lands
Of despair and death
Of the death of faith
And down on my knees I am
And all is turning black
I’m trapped in the dark
Will it ever come back
Will it ever be true
Will I ever go through…

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Monday 22h20

Le bruit et la fureur

Tu finiras dans le bruit et la fureur
Tout comme tes prédécesseurs
Tu n’auras pas d’échappatoire
Ce qui t’attends, c’est l’abattoir
Dans le vacarme et puis la peur
Tu t’enfuiras, de la fureur,
Tu courras longtemps et loin
Porté par le vent en son sein
Et tu n’auras peur de rien,
Du moins tu penses que ce n’est rien
Que c’est le cas…
Puis ça te rattraperas
Tes démons sortiront de leur cage rouillée
Pour venir te dévorer
Dans le bruit et la fureur
Dans le vacarme et puis la peur
Tu voudras fuir
Mais tu seras coincé
Te dérober,
Aux affamés,
Mais tu resteras bloqué
Dévoré, tout entier par ta peur
Dans le bruit,
Et la fureur…

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Tuesday 15 may 2012

Love scream

No matter how loud I scream it
You barely ever hear me
No matter how much times I say it
You never listen to me
You carry on and on
With your own ideas
You don’t care and you move on
And you leave me bleed
All alone in the dark
All alone in the night
I can’t even be with you
Even though I scream it
you play deaf
You play blind
You don’t mind
You don’t care and you swear
You love me
But I’m found in agony
Only your words have killed me
Nothing else…
No other place
To go now
I am left
And I fade
With the dying day…

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Friday 27 april 2012

Cold sun

The sun’s shining today
But I feel so cold inside
And I can’t seem to get away
From this eerie feeling of mine
Taking me thouroughly
Inside and out
As if life was quitting me
As strong as a shout
Running away
I feel the cold of this day
In bright daylight
This trembling whisper
Nothing’s left
For another
For it is only
Dying inside
Burning me whole
And firing a hole
Inside my heart
As is my soul
At that time
Fueled with
Broken dreams
My vision turns black
I feel ostracized
Away from you
Away from it all
Dying alone
Inside myself
All alone
Into this field

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Tuesday 24-04-2012
And Friday 27 April 2012