Les pleurs de l’âme

Entends tu mon âme
En train de pleurer
Derichée par mes larmes
Complètement lacérée
Attisée par les flammes
De l’enfer dechainé
L’été a quitté mon âme
Qui se meurt de t’aimer
Lentement je traverse
Le désert atrophié
Qui de la soif de l’autre
Ne peut se rassasier
Condamné à errer
Dans un hiver tout noir
Fait de tourment de l’âme
Aussi de desespoir
Que l’été a laissé
Je me laisse mourir
Tout comme tu m’as quittée
Je continue de souffrir

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Mercredi 23 nov 2011

Ma moitié

Moitié de mon coeur
C’est une déchirure quand tu disparaît
Avec la moitié de mon être entier
Tu emportes loin de moi
Mes frayeurs et mes peurs
Mes soucis et la nuit tu te serres
Contre moi
Mon vaillant feu de joie

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Monday 17-10-2011

Black world

Cold machine,
Empty heart
Why is the world
Always so black
Moving on with
Cracking blight
Cold weather
Dirty heart
Moving on again
On the same routine path
No anger nor sadness
In those hearts made of steel
In those minds over-greased
Where bleak lights are shining
Just like inside my heart
There’s no hope nor despair
All the feelings alike
I keep climbing up the stairs
With some gloomy delight

(c) Aurore Ciholas

08 sept 2011

If I was…

If I could fly away
I’d catch a star for you
And put it in your eyes
So they can shine again
If I was a sweet breeze,
I would blow your tearstained hair
Away from your face
So you can smile again
If only I had wings,
I would take you away,
From this harsh life you live
And make you feel again,
Those beautiful feelings
If I had a saw
I would break your chains,
So you can breathe freely
From your everyday pains
If I was the moon,
I’d magnetize you like the sea
So you would go out
And see
How sometimes beautiful
Life can be…

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Monday 01-08-2011

Le vide

Il ya un grand vide
Dans mon coeur
Quand tu t’en va
Le monde n’a plus de couleur
Ni odeur, ni saveur
Quand tu t’en va
La douleur est si grande
Qu’il n’y a de place pour rien d’autre
Que le vide
Immense et invisible
Difforme et insipide…
Infini et impossible,
Le vide…

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Thrusday 21-07-2011

Sweeney’s first flight

Lost in the battlefield of life
I was breathing shallow breaths
I was stunned for a while
I could fly from my body
And see myself from the sky
As if I was a bird
Flying high and away
From mankind and despair

And from the beech I rose
Out from the darkness of the leaves
Flying over the fields
My shadow below me
Like a shadow-graph
As I move from one place to the other
Gazing at the civilization below
And before my eyes
The cities…the sea,
The strange crimson water of history
Of madness and blindness
Surrounding us
So far, so close…

© Aurore Ciholas

Part of this was written before going to bed, and the other part, at 3am, because I couldn’t sleep, and had a bit of inspiration all of a sudden. XD
When I was still going in university, I had to study an Irish poet called Seamus Heaney (pronounces something like : “Sheemus Heenee” ) at this time. Actually, I didn’t read all his poetry, but we had to read some that our teacher asked us to study and think about.
So I read them. Not all, maybe five, and then had the inspiration to write this. It’s about Sweeney Astray (Buile suibhne), an Irish king, who was cursed to turn into a bird for the rest of his life while still on a battlefield (if I recall the legend correctly).

Une partie de celui-là à été écrite avant que j’aille me coucher, et l’autre partie, à 3h du matin parce que ne n’arrivais pas à dormir et que j’étais soudainement inspirée. XD
Quand j’allais encore à l’université, je devais étudier un poète Irlandais : Seamus Heaney (on le prononce “Sheemus Heenee” ou quelque chose comme ça). Je n’ai jamais lu tout ses poèmes, mais notre prof nous avait demandé d’en lire quelque uns, et d’y réfléchir, ce que j’ai fais.
Et encore, pas tous. Peut-être 5, tout au plus, car j’ai été inspirée et j’ai écris ce poème. Il parle de Sweeney Astray (Buile suibhne), un roi Irlandais, qui reçu la malédiction de se transformer en oiseau pour le reste de sa vie, alors qu’il était sur le champ de bataille (si je me rappelle bien la légende).

Love’s delusion

I gave up believing
I gave up on this light
Never shines in my heart
This flame is not even
Able just to warm me
Not yet able to burn
The cold all around me
And still it keeps going
Indifferent to all
To all the harsh feelings
All hanged inside of me
If only it was true…
That light shining bright…
I could make it with you
But still decieved by light
That I am…
Vicious circle it is
That I can’t realize
All of my deepest dreams
To feel near me your heat
But all I see is a bleak haze
And In the maze of my mind
When I tought it was a heaven
Where I could get a good haven
Then my horizon darkens
Then, all of a sudden,
I realize
The pain is still inside
And my lost soul’s still roaming
And without touching me
The lurid light is gone
So far away…
And the pain is so deep
That all I do is weep
Hoping to purify,
To return to normal
My old scars and my soul
To make believe my foolish Spirit
That somewhere love exists…

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Thursday 24-03-2011