Run wild friend, run…

Run wild friend run
Howl my name
And take me by the hand
Lead me to the place
Where your heart gets a rest
Show me your paradise
When I look into your eyes
I can see it so clearly
Tell me
Did you hear the wind blow?
Take me where your heart wants to go
Take me there, ya know
Where the starts fall
Into golden rain
The trip ends up in a call
Onto a wild mountain

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Wednesday 10-12-2008 20h17



I feel so empty
There’s no love inside me
I look at a picture
And get a strange feeling
Only smoke’s surrounding
And hides reality
Disorders my brain
Into an endless pain
Oh loneliness
Will it ever end…

I’m afraid to get someone
And losing in sight this person
Like they don’t care…
And won’t try to
And even though,
I cry out in tears for you…
The silence never goes
Sending me back my echoes
Of loneliness…
Near you I still wish to rest…

(C) Aurore Ciholas

4 november 2008 00h19
EDIT : Corrected some errors (grammar).

Left behind

I’m always the one, left behind,
I’m always the one, roaming in this town
Like a shadow at night
I don’t make any sound
I don’t feel pain anymore
But the anger is still within…
I want to see your blood run down
I want to feel what’s in
Don’t feel so safe…
I can show you what it’s all about
I’ll never give it all anymore
Because I’m the one who’s left behind
For revenge’s sake…
My dear friend…
I’ll hunt you down
And watch you die ’till your last breath…

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Saturday 25 october 2008

You gonna die

Do you hear this voice?
Laughing like a devil…
You gonna die !
No escape,
Nowhere to hide,
You gonna die
I will take your last breath,
Tear out your life,
Without (any) remorse
Can you feel it?
I know you do
I saw a reflect in your eye(s)…
Of pain, of fear
Mixed together…
Can you feel me coming?
Behind your back…I’m hiding
Walking silently through the darkest street
And from (my wrath and) my knife,
You gonna die here at my feet

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Tuesday 29 July 2008 22h15

Disclaimer :

Someone linked my poem to their post, which have absolutely nothing in common. I was just speaking my own feelings here, nothing political or from the past, or what. The post is here :

Sinister end

I hate myself from being too weak
Again I’m falling, Again I’m fading
Away from it all
Escaping suffering,
I have blood running down on my hands
My soul, tries to carry on ’til the end
Can’t feel myself,
Only suffering run in my veins,
Can’t wait to fade again
In this world of agony,
Where is my place
Can’t see your face
Ripped off my blood runs down my legs
I search for my grave,
I hated it all in my life
Now I wish to rest somewhere,
No matter what,
Noone is gonna be on my path…

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Thursday 3 July 2008 20h
“Sinister end”

Sombres pensées

Et je suis seule face à ma peine
Toute seule face à moi même
Et c’est toujours la même histoire
Quand on fait face au desespoir

Pas même la douce musique
Aux rythmes psychédéliques
Ne pourrait m’arracher
De ces sombres pensées

(c) Aurore Ciholas

2007 ?? 2008 ?? fin juin / end of june.

Day trouble

I’ve decided to run away
There’s just trouble on that beautiful day
Exiled is my heart
As much as you are
So i wish you were here
Because I’m lost when you’re gone
And the world keeps going on
I see beauty around me
But my heart can’t feel it
I leave that for others
Since I feel incomplete
I’ll search for the other half of myself
I’m asking the sky and the stars if they saw you
I’m looking at my own reflect
In the river, and I wish
To see your face and myself whole again
Then I turn my head
And the wind tells me you’re near,
I see you and I fear…
I could loose you again…
Running after you, cuddling within
No longer is my heart exiled
And as I look in the water,
I see, we are one

(c) Aurore Ciholas

June 8th 2008 00h (inspired by Lion King 2: Kiara search for Kovu)
“Day trouble”