Black Flames

Can’t you see the black flames in my eyes
I won’t give you a chance to live
I’ll hold on ‘till your last breath
Untill you would die

Leave me alone
I can see you struggling
But you already know
How things will go
This is the end
This is your end

© Aurore Ciholas

I can’t remember when I wrote this one, but for sure it’s from 2006.
Yay for angst, emoness, whatever…more to come, bwahahaha.

Je ne me rappelle plus trop quand je l’ai écrit celui-là…mais pour sûr, il date de 2006.


I want to die…

I want to die
And there is no heaven
No paradise, no hell
To welcome my broken soul
I am condemned to roam
In a cold winter storm
And there ain’t a light to guide me
Safe to home
I want to hide…
(c) Aurore Ciholas

Tuesday 12 december 2006
Again, 3rd poem from 2006.
Emo poem xD, well it’s not the first, and certainly not the last…

Mon 3ième poème de 2006.

Wolf’s prayer

Once, there was a haunted forest
Where you could hear a howling wolf
Spreading his prayer
In the cold night of winter
It was longing for love and affection

It was longing for rest…
In the warmth of your arms

In the cold heart of the winter
It was howling to you
Through the wind
Can you hear me?
My loneliness is killing me
…and maybe this wolf is…me

© Aurore Ciholas



This is one of my very poems…I don’t consider myself as a writer…though, I discovered that I like to write…
This one is from 2006, and I’ve surely wrote it in the winter. 

Poem © Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas
Please DO NOT steal, alter, reuse, redistribute, copy, claim as your own, make profit with it…without my expressed written permission.
This piece of art is all mine, so please respect it, respect me, and respect the copyright.

You can link to here if you like. Thank you. 🙂


Ce poème est un de mes tout premier, et a sûrement été écrit en décembre, bien que je ne me rappelle plus trop…c’est avec ce poème que j’ai découvert que j’aimais écrire (et j’aime toujours).
Pour les non-anglophones, j’ai mis du vocabulaire en dessous. Bonne lecture !

Ce poème © Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas

NE PAS voler, altérer, réutiliser, redistribuer, copier, prétendre que c’est le votre, le vendre pour votre compte…sans permission écrite de ma part.
S’il vous plait, respectez les droits d’auteur !

Si vous voulez le montrer a quelqu’un, vous pouvez l’envoyer directement sur mon site. Merci !



Once: une fois
Haunted: hanté
To hear: entendre
Howling: hurlant
To spread: propager/diffuser/étendre/répandre
Cold: froid
Winter: Hiver
To long for: se languir de/désirer ardemment
Rest: repos
Warmth: chaleur
Arms: bras
Through: « à travers »
Loneliness: solitude
Maybe: peut-être
Wolf: loup

My heart is on fire…

My heart is on fire
Never thought it could happen again
It went like a shot in my heart
Now it’s burning me from the inside

I’m thinking of you
Everyday and night
When the moon is high
And this feeling won’t leave me alone
My love, You’re my home

© Aurore Ciholas

Thursday 28 september 2006
This one is my first poem (probably), I as started to write in 2006. No I was not in love or anything of that kind. XD
It’s old and I won’t come back on the bunch of errors I did in it.

C’est probablement mon premier poème, comme j’ai commencé a écrire en 2006.
Et je n’étais pas amureuse ou quoi que ce soit. XD
Je sais qu’il est sans doute plein “d’erreurs”, mais il est vieux et je ne reviendrai pas dessus pour les corriger.

And then I took your hand…

And then I took your hand
Thought you loved me
But yet nothing else…
You’ve just betrayed me…

Think I’m going insane
Can’t remember my name…

© Aurore Ciholas

2006 Again.
Hmm, yeah. Not in love again. (And I was never in love when I wrote all my poems except for one.)

Encore 2006. Et je n’étais toujours pas amoureuse.