Blanche [Gift-Art]

2018-02-07_Blanche_For Hubert by MetalFeline

My friend’s cat passed away last year, so this is for them, as some kind of tribute.
They also asked me to draw her two years ago (in 2016), but I didn’t. Seems like this was the time…
I also recorded the whole process, but I am waiting on my friend to give me a song that I will put over the video and be some kind of timelapse / speedpainting.
I will update this post when it gets done.

Artwork (c) Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas
Do NOT use, edit, copy, trace, redistribute, etc…without my expressed written permission.
Thank you.

EDIT [2018-02-12]

My friend didn’t give me any song, so I had to pick one I liked. But here’s the video :


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Moonlight Killer

2008-02_Moonlight killer (for Bret) bloody by MetalFeline

I started this one for someone I know over the net in….July.
No joke, i just didn’t have the mood before, and this morning I finally managed to finish it (especially the knife).
All was made by hand except the moon, which is a brush from [link] (awesome).

Also I didn’t explain why there is all this mist. XD
The reason is quite simple…first I didn’t know where to stuck his right arm, next I got finally lazy to draw the legs and paws, and finally….the mist reallly gives the gloomy atmosphere I wanted. XDDD

I think the picture is a desktop size ;) But please….DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE EVERYWHERE WITHOUT MENTIONING MY NAME.
Thank you

So….character (no name yet O_o) (c) Aurore Ciholas and his owner


2008-02_Moonlight killer (for Bret) clean by MetalFeline

Murder Sunshynn

2007_Murder Sunshynn by MetalFeline2007 EDIT…. Her design is no longer accurate here, (nor is her description / bio) please check out the reference sheet I made for her. Her name is no longer « Jyn » as well…I renamed her « Sunshynn » quite a while ago…As for the fur tutorial…I no longer use this technique… =P

Original description :


I’m so lazy right now…but don’t worry I’m not leaving DA.

So this is my other avatar Jyn. Pronounce “Gin”. Yeah, just like the alcohol… XD
I don’t drink though O_o
She’s not supposed to be that slim. She’s based on a leopard (it’s her specie.) And werewolves have a muscular body.
She’s landing. First I was thinking of drawing something bloody but I won’t.
It was more like a try at were anatomy. I didn’t wanted to screw up the image with the blood (and because I don’t know how to draw blood with a digital media)
I used a drawing from Yellow-eyes as a reference
But the drawing is no longer here so I send you here: (

And also that awesome fur tutorial (you should check it, seriously!)

Werewolf is just one of her (numerous) form.
So the forms she is supposed to have:
*Leopard, wereleopard, wolf, werewolf, dragon, anthro and human (maybe…but I suck at humans: anatomy and portraits…)
Say too much forms? Well…you’re right! But I just can’t decide between them all…
She is NOT Kheyra’s evil version. Both Jyn and Kheyra are normal with their good and bad side. Why 2 alter egos, then? Please don’t ask…I wanted it like that. Just to say that I have 2 sides and more…maybe…

Do not copy, use, alter, sell, redistribute… without my expressed permission!
The sign you see here is a copyright–> © this means the image is mine not yours!
If you want to use any of my art please ask me first! I won’t eat you.
My e-mail:
Please respect the artist.

Artwork and character (Sunshynn / Dorys) © Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas
Do NOT use, edit, trace, copy, redistribute, etc…without my expressed written permission.
Thank you.

A Man’s Head

2006_A man's head by MetalFeline

It’s been a while since I didn’t draw heads so I was training, drawing this one. The angle was difficult! Done with tablet (of course) and Photoshop elements 2.0
I hope you like! Oh and I had add him a mustaches because he looked like a girl without *giggle*
Heavy critique is encouraged!

The sign you see here is a copyright–> © this means the image is mine not yours.
If you want to use any of my art please ask me first! I won’t eat you.

Artwork © Aurore “Kheyra-Jyn” Ciholas