Dorys “Lùnsheynn” Forestwalker

Last updated : 16/11/2017 (minor backstory modification, minor changes / additions / corrections).
30/09/2017 (backstory modification).
21/11/2016 (orthograph / grammar, physical look, abilities, personnality).
24 /05/2015. (Modified magical powers).

Created : 2005.

So here it is. The reference sheet for my persona / avatar / alter-go.

I don’t quite know what else to say, so if you have questions or want to draw her, just ask, I’ll be happy. 😉

The Wyldaeren species is mine. No touchy, no taking or stealing the name and concept, claiming it as your own !

For further information, look into my gallery / website, or, just ask me (I don’t bite). ;D

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Annoyed (Work In Progress)


Here, have an annoyed Dorys in armor.

I’ve been working on this for ages. Decided to add the fishnets so the skin could still be visible (these are NOT tattoos !), while they would offer some protection. There is background stuff, normally, but I decided to hide it so ya’ll can see her fancy armor I’ve spent ages designing.
There’s normally a table and a glass, and maybe a sword somewhere.
Oh, and she looks annoyed, probably because someone near her is talking too much shit. XD

Next time, shading and bakground !

Art, character (Dorys) and the Wyldaeren species (c) Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas
Do not : copy, edit, redistribute, make profit of, etc…without my expressed written permission !
Thank you for your understanding !


Torn 2

Finally, after two full years of not drawing (I’ve been writing, working on “Demonic Encounter”…I can’t be everywhere, I guess. ^^) I’ve decided to kind of “redo” this picture :…

I’ve used this photo as a reference :…

This is the exact same character on these two pictures. She is my persona and has gone through many names and changes at this point. I used to call her “Jyn”, “Sun-Shynn”, then “Lùnsheynn” (it has become her middlename in my headcanon), then I’ve settled on the name “Dorys”, which is my third name (just replace the “y” with a “i”), and I think this will be her last name change.

Let me know what you think of it. :)

Artwork, Dorys, and her species (Wyldaeren) (c) Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas.
Do not use, edit, redistribute, make profit (and so on) without my written permission.

OLD_The escape of Zerieth (bio – prequel)

Edit 2014-12-27 : I’ve changed the paragraphing and this is all I will ever do with this one. The new, completely overhauled version can be found here : The Escape of Zerieth.

Edit 2014-11-17 : I’m thinking or rewriting this a bit…some stuff are unclear and I didn’t include everything I wanted to. I still need to think about it, though. For now, comments / critiques are still welcome.

Something that happens on Wyrdaenia, prior the real story begins.
The story itself will be fantasy with maybe another genre mixed in (I haven’t decided yet).
This is meant to be read as a “prequel” of some sorts, at least it only tells about a part of the bio of one of my crazy bitch villain…Meet Zerieth !
She gets completely fucking insane later on (even now, I can’t really say she’s “healthy”), and although nothing is truly set in stone, yet (I’m just having fun, now), I don’t think anyone would want to be her friend (at least, I wouldn’t O_o)

Whatever. 😀
Just enjoy ?
And please if you have comments, critiques, etc… do not hesitate ! (but please be mature and constructive with your critque and don’t send me pointless flames…thank you :))

Zerieth, the world of Wyrdaenia and all its concepts (c) Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas
Please do NOT copy, use under any way, shape or form, sell, make profit of, edit, redistribute, claim as your own…
Thank you !

He didn’t speak to Zerieth. Never. At least never while they were eating. And he didn’t speak when addressing her as a general rule. He would growl, threaten, bring her down. There never really was what could be called a « conversation ». And if there was, it was always on the brink of screaming. Tonight, he sat on one end of the table, but she wasn’t allowed to be at its other end. That was for those who were « worthy » of it, and her father deemed she wasn’t enough. So she sat everywhere else around it, making sure she was never too close to him. He wanted to watch her, and her manners while she was eating. She had made sure she would fake following his orders…until she would be old enough to « escape ». As long a he was silent, it was alright for her. She didn’t want to ear for the umpteenth time how she wasn’t good enough, and how she would never fit into his culture, because, since her eastern mother decided to abandon her, and he was the only one remaining to raise her and care after her, he should decide what kind of woman she was going to be, and he never let her have a say in it. She ate fast, not taking the proper time to masticate before swallowing. She tolerated less and less to be into the same room as him.

So, once she was done, it was always the same ritual. She took away the dishes and washed them, without saying a word, after what she walked upstairs and isolated herself in her room. If she was lucky enough, he didn’t disturb her to lecture her about how she was supposed to be, and how bad she had behaved today, according to his standards and expectations.

The frontdoor creaked open. It was her father’s friend. She was told he was coming and that she was unwanted around. She didn’t like him, anyway. Hated him, even. He held the same spite towards her as her father did. She could see it in his eyes. The way they both looked at her and talked about women. It gave her the nausea. Her room was close enough and her ears sensitive enough, so that she could hear the voices and intonation used, and she could have heard the words too, but she did not want to concentrate on it to hear them. They were both laughing. She never saw her father behave like that, with her. He was always displeased. Her heart crunched with frustration, pain and anger. Why did he never treat her like this ? Instead, he was constantly aggressive, to the point she grew up afraid of him and constantly aggressive, herself. The fact she never really went to school and didn’t see new faces didn’t help develop herself, either. She didn’t really had “friends”. His excuse was that she was a “problem child”…and she might have become like that somehow, because of him. He wanted her for himself, under his command, yet constantly reminded her how much she looked like her mother, both physically and…well, he was trying his best to stifle her headstrong character. He said it looked far too much like her mother, too independent, and that he despised it because she ran away despite his pleading to stay after Zerieth has been born, and he kept pushing all the blame on her, all the pressure, all his anger, frustration and aggression.

She had wanted to go downstairs and be a part of the conversation, be a part of “something”, for once in her life. In the past, she had hoped that friend of his would see the abuse she was enduring, that he would, somehow “side” with her. But nothing happened…even worse, he was on her father’s side. And now, she knew that if she ever dared to show up, she would only collect a scornful gaze from her father, and his friend, which would turn, later on after his friend would be gone, into a full blown rage and hits from him. She gritted her teeth. She had no freedom or “love” whatsoever. He even locked her door sometimes and her room only had a smallish window through which she couldn’t pass. So, it came to the point she was now used to often sneak out of the house to see what she wasn’t normally allowed to see of the world, which consisted of good and dark places alike. Although she was preferring the bad ones. She would also go alone in the wilderness, or in some places of the city, to train her magic. But those were very few times, recently. She had been caught the last time…or so it seemed. Her father told her that he knew what she was doing because of « rumors ». She didn’t know if it was true or not. Probably just bluff, to keep her « under control ». She could feel a burning sensation in her hands. Her magic wanted to go out of her, and she didn’t control it perfectly, yet, and especially not when she was angry or upset, like now. She felt like if she touched something now, it would instantly catch on fire. So much time she hasn’t trained it seems…

She sighed, shrugged and crossed her arms behind her head, letting herself fall backwards on the bed, in an attempt to relax, and began to dwell on the possibility of going out during this night. His father sounded far too distracted to notice anything, maybe she could do something… She heard glasses clink, which meant they were probably drinking. She hoped it was strong alcohol, somehow. That he would drink so much he would directly sleep…and not beat her up, should she still be here.

She rose and began to pack up her things into a small pouch, excitation building up and her heart racing in her chest at the anticipation of evading that place, if only for a few hours. She needed to go out of her room. She opened the door, popping her head outside, to look around the house from the unlit mezzanine overlooking the living room, before going out of it. She then closed the door shut, without a sound. Both men were unaware of what she was doing, visibly too caught up into their talk. She skittered until she opened the door of a small room. That one had a big window in comparison. She opened it, and the autumnal breeze blew in her face. As well as a very light rain. She almost forgot how it felt, staying in rapture for some seconds, breathing deeply. She looked below. She was maybe 4 or 5 meters above the ground. It didn’t matter. She was a wyldaeren, a “cat folk”, like they were sometimes called. Her bones would not break easily and she had nothing to fear. She half-closed the window behind her, like she always did, and jumped down, landing gracefully, making her way towards the city.

She made her way back after a few hours, having drank in bars one or two glasses with money she stole either from her father when he wasn’t looking or from strangers in the street. She has been training her magic a little, too, and she was in a better, almost cheerful mood, and a small smirk remained on her lips. She slowly made her way to the outskirts of the city, where she was living. She could hear footsteps too, but didn’t pay attention to them, even though the town was not overcrowded, hearing footsteps or having a slight impression of being followed was not uncommon, either. She carried on but they didn’t fade. She eventually stopped herself and turned around to see what was there, pricking her ears to any sound she heard. Nothing or no one was to be seen. Usually people passed her by when she did that. After a moment, she shrugged. That must have been an echo, a coincidence…it could be anything. She resumed her walking, but she was insecure, and her ears were now orientated backwards, in the direction the sound was coming from. She repeated stopping in the middle of the road and accelerating. Something was off. Those footsteps were following her, she heard them splash on the wet ground, mimicking her every move, and she could even feel eyes peering at her. She started to feel uncomfortable. She glanced back shortly, and started to run. The footsteps did the same, albeit with a slight delay. Whoever was after her wasn’t prepared for her surge. A voice called her name, which she recognized it instantly. Her father’s friend. What was he doing here, anyway ? A ball of rage started to form in her stomach. He didn’t live in the outskirts…what kind of twisted idea made him think to go after her ? Whatever. She wasn’t going to stop. She was just hoping it was not her father who sent him after her…although, now, it seemed unlikely. She could sense him accelerating behind her, even if she didn’t look. She felt the gap closing between them, and she swore she could sense his breath on her neck. He jumped on her, and they both collapsed. Now she could clearly feel his alcoholic breathing against her neck. She squirmed out of his grip, biting and clawing at him and he squeaked when a particularly nasty one landed on his face. She pushed him aside, bringing herself back up, and he followed shortly after, yanking her roughly by the arm, and pointing to the fresh scar on his face, growling.

-”Do you realize what you did ? You tore my face, you worthless little…”

-“Who do you think you are ?!” She growled, her ears flattened backwards, and her tail flicking, as if she was going to fight. All her frustration surfaced after remembering the two men being so close to each other while she seemed to be nothing more than an embarrassment to her father. “You follow me and then you jump on me…Let me go !”

She yanked her arm roughly from his grip, clawing his arm in the process. She made a run start, again, but he firmly caught her by the arm, turning her, placing her arms behind her back and pulling her against him.

-”Your father will be enchanted to know what you did…” He smirked cruelly.

-”You have no right…” She hissed in indignation.

He pushed her forward and she bared her teeth, hissing, trying to hide the heat from her hands, which was making its way back. She knew nothing good for her could come out of it right now. He didn’t pay much attention to this. He took a pair of handcuffs from his pocket that he attached her hands with. Her eyes went wide. She was livid. She would never have thought he would do this, take some object from his profession and attach her with it. She did not have time to think about it any further. He casted a teleportation spell, and they both ended up in front of her imposing father’s house.

He was waiting for them, standing at the top of the stairs, arms crossed. In that awkward moment she could see why her mother chose him. He was handsome, physically strong, with toned muscles, a large torso…and it stopped there. She had it figured out since years that if her mother only saw him for sex and ultimately didn’t stay with him, it was probably because of his violent temper and awful attitude with women. Maybe she thought he wouldn’t hurt his own daughter. She was so wrong… now that she was grown up he even cared less about whatever he was doing to her. And, despite the fact she had inherited his strong and fit physical frame, she felt often weak and defenseless in front of him, even though her mindset had begun to change, recently. He looked at her up and down and frowned. Her ears flattened on the side and her face became tense, her tail nervously tugging between her legs in anticipation, despite herself. He uncrossed his arms and walked down the few stairs, closing the gap between the three of them.

-”Here you are ! How many times did I tell you that you have no right to go out ?!” He growled. She opened her mouth, but was cut short when he slapped her.

Her head turned sideways under its effect and her red hair flew, covering her face, she stood like that, unable to move or do anything. But she was furious, against herself for having been caught, and against them both.

Her father’s friend pushed her, releasing the grip the handcuffs had on her hands, and she almost fell over, only catching herself back before it was too late. Her father yanked her by the arm, pushing her forward towards the door. She closed her fists in a desperate attempt to suppress the heat sensation, which was growing stronger. She spun, and glowered at him, growling.

-”Why ?” She stood firmly in place, her head held low and her ears flattened backwards in anger and hatred. “Why ? Why can’t I ever simply go out ?” She demanded, louder, this time.

-”Because I told you so !” He exclaimed, moving his arms upwards. He caught her arm even more roughly, shoving her into the house and nodding to his friend. He spun and they faced each other. His face was red with anger and his jaw tense. “How dare you say things like that in front of my friend ! I told you you had no right to go out or disobey, yet you did. Do you realize how humiliati…”

She snapped, her tail flicking, her ears flattened still, interrupting him.

-”Everything is humiliating for you ! Have you thought of me for at least a second ?” She sighed. “I’m just trying to live my life !” She pleaded.

-”Enough ! If you will not obey, then I will lock you up !”

Her eyes went wide. He didn’t want to hear any of this and she felt like there was no possible discussion.

-”I can’t be locked up !” She cried out.

He walked towards her, catching her arm. She had enough of being pushed around like this.

-”You will !” He bellowed, forcing her into walking upstairs, towards her room. She cowered for some mere seconds, a weird mix of fear and rage building up inside her. The burning sensation in her hands becoming more and more intense. She suddenly stopped walking and spun, freeing her arm from his grip, suddenly out of breath. She shook her head and growled.

-”I won’t.”

-”Pardon me ?” He demanded, turning her to face him. His eyes widened. Her eyes were glowing intensely with uncontrolled magic. Despite going out at night and attempting to train and learn the ways of a witch, it still haven’t been enough. She wondered why it manifested now. Why not earlier…She looked at her waist. All of her belongings that really mattered were here, into the pouch hanging by her belt. She didn’t need any more, except for food and water, maybe.

-”I really have enough of you.” He snarled, seemingly regaining his usual, cold, indifferent and overall despicable composure. Rushing after her and pushing her forward again.

-”I won’t ! You never gave me my freedom…I will take it myself !” She attempted to free herself from him again, roaring and clawing at him, landing one of her hot hand on his arm. He cried out when a part of his skin melted. She looked around her. There won’t be anything she was going to miss. She actually wanted to see it all burn to ashes. She concentrated even more onto her anger, flames forming at her hands, and she unleashed them onto the furniture, and everything else that could possibly burn. Her father lunged at her in a desperate attempt for this to stop, but she quickly dodged him, throwing more fire spells in every other possible direction. The flames were burning everything and were going wild with her rage, forming a thick, suffocating smoke. The door banged open and her father’s friend stood here, bewildered, blocking the way out. He bellowed something she did not understand. Crackles from the fire could be heard everywhere. She looked at him. He was bellowing at her. She realized she had a bloody fantasy involving him. He too, lunged at her. She did not even dodge this time. She lunged forward, roaring and tearing out his throat with her claws. Blood splattered. She ran out, her father following shortly after her, although in a rather blind fashion. He bellowed her name, looking around for her. She ran to the nearest bush, hiding behind it. She crouched. She was free, at last. She stood here, out of breath, looking at the flames which had been taking gigantic proportions, now. It fascinated her and she had her eyes wide open, as if she was afraid to miss anything. The fear started to dissipate. He would not lock her up or hurt her, now, no longer. She rose, giving a last look on the ashes that this “home” had become. She smirked, contemplating her job.

She looked around, thinking of all the things there was still to do and the world to explore. She then turned her heels and jumped in the opposite direction, towards the forest.

Lùnsheynn as a Night Elf : Armor reference

Lùnsheynn Elven humanoid

I DID NOT DRAW THIS ! (Except for the armor, haha).
It was taken and traced from Pyjama-Cake, who provides awesome stock.
The picture I based this on can be found here :

…But I drew all the armor. 😀
Click on the picture for all the details !
Designing it took me so frigging long !
On the other hand, it was really fun and it entertained me for a whole week. O_o XD

I used the vector tool of Paint Tool SAI for this. I don’t know what I would have done without it, seriously. O_o

Since I hate chainmail bikinis, I had to find a way to make it look cool without showing too much skin…XD By the way, the stones on her headband are stones of protection that expand a forcefield which acts like a helmet and deviates objects coming to her head.
The other one on her throat is a fire-stone, and it allows her to spit fire when she is shapeshifted (otherwise it’s complicated / or it hurts).
The armor design may or may not get modified in the future. ^^; (I may also edit the picture later, so I can add the back of her armor, too. Nothing special, though. ^^;)
I don’t have much else to say, except that this isn’t my persona’s true form. But since she is a shapeshifter, I guess shifting into other types of humanoids wouldn’t be a problem. :shrug:

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this, and if you have any critiques or comments, then go ahead. 🙂

Lùnsheynn (c) Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas
At :

Character Sheet Profile Template

Updated : 23/05/2014

Updated : 28/05/2014


So here it is. The reference sheet that I use to make my characters and all their info. The left most column are just tips to help you out. Have fun filling the blanks. 😀

The grayed out (pink) areas are not meant to be filled up.
I might or might not update it again in the future, so stay tuned ! 😀




Major or minor (secondary) character ?

Major / Minor :

Are they good or a villain ? What alignment ? (Lawful Good ? Neutral Good ? Chaotic Good ? Lawful Neutral ? True Neutral ? Chaotic Neutral ? Lawful Evil ? Neutral Evil ? Chaotic Evil ?)

*Position :

There are plenty of character archetypes throughout the web…search for them if you’re confused.

*Archetype :



Name, pronunciation of name, title (Mr, Mrs, baron, lord, etc…?), nickname, meaning of name / nickname…

*Name :

What species are they ? What are their most prominent features ?

*Species :

The physical sex, and what gender the character identifies themselves with. (Male or female ? Trans ? Something Else ?)

*Sex and Gender :


*Age :


*Height and weight :

Athletic ? Stocky ? Fat ? Short ? Tall ? Etc…

*Build :

Skin color and texture. Any tattoos ? Piercings ? Birthmark ? Scars ? Body paint ? Makeup ?

*Skin :

Hair color (Natural or dyed ?) and texture (Is it wavy? Straight ? Etc…) Hair cut type (Any bangs ?)

*Hair :

Color, shape, eyebrow description.

*Eyes :

Shape, and color, etc…

*Nose and mouth :

(If the character can perform magic and what type. Name of the “magic class” they are. Also what skills they have. (Sometimes I lose track of things my cast can and can’t do.  I list what they are competent at here, to avoid scenes where the characters perform actions outside their capacity, like having a rich man with no survival skills being the one to start a campfire. Just not gonna happen.)

*Powers and skills :

If any. What does it / they look like (briefly) ? How and why did they got them / it ? Are they born with it ? Is it a learned ability ? Did they had a ritual performed on them ? What for do they use it ? How do they consider it (a curse or an awesome power) ?

*Shapeshifter forms :

What type of armor do they wear ? (Cloth, Leather, chain mail, plate, scaled armor mail, elven mail (or any variations…) ?) (If any)

*Armor :

Assuming they have one.

*Weapon of choice :


*Other :

If they are a shapeshifter with a main form. (Theria means “animal”)



*Body :


*Size :


*Fur :


*Legs :


*Tail :


*Paws :


*Eyes :


*Ears :


*Nose and mouth :


*Abilities :


*Other :



(A brief summary of the character’s background before the story begins.  If your character’s background is ten times more exciting than the story, you might want to rethink a few things.)

*Bio :

This section will tell from what cultural background they come, obviously. And probably how they are more likely to think.

*Culture / Country :

Where were they born ? What does their birthplace represent for them ? Do they like it and like to go back there ? Are they indifferent to it ? Do they hate it ? What is their birthday ? Their horoscope ?

*Birthplace and birthday :

Name of parents, relatives, friends, and relationship type they have with them : the closest people to them. Do they have a mate ?

*Family / Friends / Mate :

Straight ? Gay ? Bi ? Something else ? Do they feel at ease with their sexual orientation ?

*Sexual Orientation :

The character’s job and social class. Their economic level (rich, poor ?)

*Occupation and social class :

How do they dress on a daily basis ? For their job ? For important receptions ?

*Outfit / clothing :

Where ? How much ? What subject(s) ? Did they go to the university or work as an apprentice ? Something else ? Did they enjoy it ?

*Schooling :

What is their religion ? What idea of religion do they have in general ?

*Religion :

What is their political opinion ? What idea do they have of politics in general ?

*Political opinions :

Do they like pets ? Do they have any animal pets ? Or minions ? Something else ?

*Pets :

Anything else about their way of life that haven’t been stated here.

*Other :



Personality described in some lines.

*Overall Personality :

(I am a…) What the character designate themselves as.

*Designation :

(This is the character’s idea of a fun time, what they would choose to do if they had the freedom and resources to do so. This can kind of be a stepping stone to discovering Goals and Motivation.) (Likes can say a lot about a character, especially if he has weird ones, like “putting kittens in blenders”.)

*Likes / Hobbies / Fun Time :

From simple dislikes and then down the slippery slope of terror…

(Knowing what your character dislikes is prime fodder to make him confront it.  It puts him out of his comfort zone, and we get to see if he’ll learn to tolerate it, becomes a better person, have a meltdown, or whatever.  Conflict will inevitably ensue if another character’s dislike is on someone else’s like list.  A good rule of thumb is to start out with dislikes, then to move the character towards confronting their Greatest Fears and Greatest Regrets.)

(I’m amazed at the number of people who can’t tell me the thing their character is most afraid of.  This and this alone can be your entire story.  Sitting down and really asking yourself what would render your character incapable of speech and paralyzed, out of sheer terror, opens up a lot of doorways for their development.  Once you know what your character fears, get to work finding a way for them to be confronted by it.)

*Dislikes and Worst Fears :

(I am liked because…)

*Positive traits :

(The big negative aspect of the character.  Short-temper, selfish, arrogant, affronted by bathing, whatever.  Usually the big thing the character overcomes throughout the story, but not always.  Please keep in mind that this should be something pretty major, not a food allergy.  A flaw is what makes a character human and interesting.  If your flaw sucks, odds are your story and character will, too. I’ve also noticed that the more words someone needs to describe his character’s flaw, the more angsty and Mary-Sueish they’re bound to be.) *Negative traits :

(“Makes me great yet could destroy me…”) *Ego flaw :

Things a character can’t help doing. (Habit / Compulsion). The Static Trait is the small personal HABIT an individual character displays which reveals their personal Neurosis, their driving NEED, especially in stressful situations. This habitual or even ritual behavior acts as both their greatest source of trouble and the linchpin to their success. It’s the individual character’s “Accident Waiting to Happen”.  *Static trait(s) :

(“I want…”)

*Ambition / Goal(s) :

(The character’s own justification and reasoning for pursuing his goals.) (“I want this because…” “I desire…”)

*Motivation :

(“I am troubled by…”)

*Internal Conflict :

(“I am thwarted by…”)

*External Conflict :

(“I don’t know or I am hiding…”)

*Secret :

(“Last thing I ever want to happen…?”)

*Ordeal/Reversal :

(“I will discover…”) What should the character “learn” ?

*Epiphany :

What Premise / Theme / Conflict ?

*Represent :

Action or Emotion or Motive ?

*Drive :



(This is what the character themselves view as their greatest accomplishment, that which they are most proud of.  If a multi-billionare CEO regards the time he saved a small boy from drowning as his greatest accomplishment, it says a lot about his character.  Conversely, if he’s most proud of the day he bought out his biggest competitor and watched all the employees fired, that says a lot, too. ) *Greatest Accomplishment :

(Same deal: what the character regards as their greatest failing.  Batman might be a kickass superhero, but I can tell you his greatest regret was not doing anything when Ma and Pa died. Accomplishments and Regrets are great for character revelation moments, especially when supporting cast have their labels and judgements completely shaken. “Your mom died, you couldn’t save her, and that’s why you’re such a jerk? Wow …”) *Greatest regret :

(The thing that makes a character stand out in a memorable way; or what your reader is most likely to remember them for.  Not quite the opposite of Flaw, but just as important.  Examples would be Harry Potter being The Boy Who Lived, Frodo’s “the everyman can accomplish anything” aspect, Samwise’s loyalty, Superman’s Man of Steel status, etc.  This is probably the surest sign of a Mary Sue, since they have no memorable traits beyond “They’re perfect”.  This also has something to do with the story; you can’t have a story about shark hunting when someone’s Out of Ordinary is dance ability, unless you’re really stretching.) *Out of Ordinary :

(This is a more pragmatic and physical equivalent of Out of Ordinary; your character is rich, or was born a lord, or is exceptional at gymnastics, is quick-witted or has an IQ of 300. Examples would be Batman’s training and fortune, Nightcrawler’s ability to teleport, Wolverine’s healing factor, etc.  Please keep in mind that this is a singular term, Mary Sue writers.) *Advantage :

  *Other :



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