Art-Trade rules

Description : When you draw something for someone and they draw something for you in return.

-You must have some skills : enough to create at least some basic shading and basic background. Of course, I would prefer someone who has the same level as I have (or more).
-If I consider your skills aren’t enough, I will decline.
-You must put some efforts into it, because that is what I do everytime I trade with someone. Don’t rush it !
-I’m long at doing things (so don’t be afraid if it takes more than 2 months) Don’t rush me, it will only make things worse.
-If I finish my part of the trade before you do : I will post it, but with a much reduced size and a very big watermark on it. Sorry, but you are not going to run away with the full sized picture as soon as I’ve finished it (this has happened to me before).
-When you have finished yours, I will send you the full sized picture without the insanely big watermark on it.

Fair enough, I think. If you have any questions, do not hesitate !


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