Demonic Encounter (Aborted project snippet)

This was supposed to be a short snippet about me (or rather, my character, Lùnsheynn) meeting The-Zombie-Cat‘s character / avatar (Zee an undead night elf / troll hybrid, plague knight class), and The-Cerzz‘s Character (Bo’Zane the demon Lord of the Third circle of Hell). Their universe is set in a modified version of World of Warcraft. The snippet was supposed to be a cross between mine and their world, but I fell out of love, and grew tired with this, when they didn’t bother answering my questions about their characters (after a 3 (and more) months wait).

Scene one happens in one of the lush forest of the East on Wyrdaenia (my world).
Scene two happens on Azeroth, I don’t know where, precisely. Zane wants to absolutely visit Wyrdaenia (probably to destroy it to assert his dominance), but Lùnsheynn is denying him this, making him angry in his over-developed pride, and so threatens Lùnsheynn who threatens him in turn. I know my character would probably have been dead already, given Zane’s foul temper and tendency to overreact on everything, but I just wanted to write a tense scene between the two.

Feel free to critique, comment (but please keep in mind that this is an aborted project and may not get edited, refined or updated in any way, unless one of the two writers show a deep interest in it). 🙂

Lùnsheynn (c) Aurore MetalFeline Ciholas
Zee (c) Misty Miller AKA The-Zombie-Cat
Bo’Zane (c) Carey Villers AKA The-Cerzz
Do NOT use, edit, copy, redistribute, make money off of it, or whatever else, without my expressed written permission !
Thank you.


Scene One : Beginning. Meeting Zee who got lost.

I was out since twilight, and it has been getting darker, further into the night, ever since. Of course, in such a deep forest, even if it was during day, the people jokingly said that you couldn’t really see the difference. The bioluminesence of the plants was now making it’s way to lighten up the environement made of purples, blues and greens, and my eyes were starting to close from the effort of the hunt and my now full stomach of the antelope I had caught, maybe half an hour ago. Not that I needed such a big animal for one diner, but I would make several days with it.
The spring breeze was blowing lightly in my face, bringing the usual, seemingly calm, sound of the forest and its inhabitants into my ears, which were anything but at rest. I had nothing to fear right now and was really starting to doze off, when I heard a rather loud crack. Magic. I got up on my four legs, still in my therian form (a rather big animal form, resembling a big feline), my pointed, long ears instantly pointing to where the sound was coming from, and a low growl escaped my throat despite myself. I quickly hid the freshly killed prey and its smell under some soil, and jumped from where I was. I made my way through the branches and lush vegetation until I could see what was causing that.
The breeze gave a turn and blew me a smell of soil after the rain, even though it hasn’t been raining for days, now. An humanoid figure detached itself before my eyes as I approched yet closer, a female, or so it seemed. She was moving in every direction possible, looking a the canopy and elsewhere, rubbing the side of her neck. Surely she was lost. And she didn’t look like anything I ever saw before. She didn’t seem to have any claws or a tail, no horns, nothing I knew, except for her glowing green eyes, which reminded me of the immortal species I am a part of. Her hair was a dark purple hue, like the night itself, her skin was pale grey and she had several scars. She was probably a warrior of some sort. And she seemed…too pale to be even alive. I could sense her life-force…she was undead.


Scene Two : Zane wants to visit Wyrdaenia (my world).

-I’m not going to tell you how, anyway, so quit it.”
-I’ll quit whatever I want, whenever I want.” Zane growled in my ear, his hand still firm on my throat. He started menacing me. “You don’t seem to grasp…”
-“What ?” I cut him short, exasperated. “What would you even do with it ? Destroy it ? Do you think I don’t know what you want ?! I’m the guardian and the sole representant of this world, here in Azeroth, it’s up to me to decide who’s getting there, and if this doesn’t please…”
He pushed his hand in my throat yet further, and this time, I really choked on my words.
-“If this doesn’t please me, I will make you beg.” He snarled, pushing into my throat again, making the rocks crack behind me.
-“If I don’t beg you now, I won’t beg later. Release me.” I gasped in between two words.
-“I don’t take orders from mortals.“, he snarled, making sure he utterred the last word slowly.
I smirked. I didn’t care. I extended the claws slightly from my hand which was holding his wrist, trying to push away from my throat. I let my claws slightly touch his skin. He hissed.
-“Call me a mortal all you want. It was not an order, but an advice.”, I growled. “Just know that if you don’t release me, I will make it myself, and that’s going to hurt, by the looks of it. And I don’t want to make anyone hurt.”


3 thoughts on “Demonic Encounter (Aborted project snippet)

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  3. Very nice parts! They seem to be like an extraction from the chapter, first one is like the distant acquaintance with the first character, second one – in the middle of it.
    I like the descriptive parts of the first scene and a tense dialogue in the second. Wish there could be more release towards the description of their characters but I know that you’re lacking information.
    Was really well to read, thank you for sharing.


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