In the forest

In the forest by MetalFeline wat

So…the light turned out very Walt-Disney-ish at first, which wasn’t planned at all.

I had this sketch in my hard-drive since some months but managed to forget it. Then I found it again and decided to eventuallly color it.
I was actually going to add lots of blood and gore in there, because the title was originally “wounded”. But then it turned out like this (of course, that was since I decided to add a purple hue to the sky). XD
I had to debate in my head what to do about it, but I eventually decided that it turned out quite nice, so, no blood, and I just worked my way into making a nice night scene in a forest. And I like it. XD

I had to constantly fight through this, though, fixing values (contrast) and hues (colors), bay adding layers or recoloring, so it would look nice altogether. I also (again) tried a new technique, and colored the picture while being zoomed out most of the time, so I could always have a general view on how it was going and didn’t have to concentrate on (sometimes unnecessary) details. I had to add several layers on different modes to adjust the mood, though, and still had to slightly tweak the contrast when I was done. It was also the first time I tried doing it in a traditionnal way, by that I mean, that I tried not to use multiply / screen layers modes to shade or highlight. But doing it all by hand (even if in the end, like I said previously, I had to add a ton of other layers to fix my errors). XD

So I hope you will enjoy this peaceful scenery, featuring my persona, Lùnsheynn. ^^

Artwork, Lùnsheynn, and her species (wyldaeren) (c) Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas.
Do not use, edit, redistribute, make profit (and so on) without my written permission.


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