Wyrdenia world map

Last updated : 24/07/2012.


This sheet is still a Work In Progress (W.I.P) and will probably always be. It is in no way a full list of what I have in mind and what will really be in my world. But this gives you an insight.

By the way, I hope you can read my handwriting on the map. XD


**The World Map :

*Color code :

-Forests : Everthing that is in dark green (there are only two dark greens).

-Plains : Lighter green.

-Desert : Sandy color.

-Frozen lands : Everything in white is permanently frozen land, everything in light white is ice covering land and seas / oceans.

-Mountains : Brown. The touch of white color within them are the peaks covered in ice.

-Water : Everything blue. Darker blue are pits / deeper areas in the oceans.

*Cities :

-Nihaluu is a wyldaeren “city”.

-Ana’thiel and Norshka are both elven cities.

-Rushok and Tohymo are Nakaar cities.

-Jeyia is a darkenalf city.

*Wyldaeren have no cities, like I said they are nomads. Some are from “Gaia’s Peaks”.

(I’m not even sure of the placement of the cities just yet…oh well.)

*Techtonic plates :

There are 6 in total, they aren’t named yet.



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