Wyrdenia general information

Last updated : 10/07/012.


This sheet is still a Work In Progress (W.I.P) and will probably always be. It is in no way a full list of what I have in mind and what will really be in my world. But this gives you an (I hope) accurate insight.


**Presentation of Wyrdenia :

*Time and weather : Wyrdenia is a planet 2,5 times bigger than earth. There are 651 days for a year, divided into 7 months, each containing 93 days, and 9 days for a week. Days are themselves about 32 hours.

Seasons are rather stable and coming normally one after the other and there are no huge changes from year to year. Except for the three moons rotating around the planet (one can be inhabited) that are causing strong tides and storms, and unpredictable weather in certain areas.

**Magical / mana flows and other specificities :

*Magical flow and it’s mastering :

Inataeh is it’s name. It is the mana of the world and is present everywhere, but most particularly where there is wind and nature. The magical flow regroups the Deamon species (that is inherently linked to it, see below) as well as all the elements (again, see below), the earth itself, the atmosphere, the souls of deceased beings, and just everything else of that kind that I haven’t listed here.

Training takes years, even decades or centuries for certain skills, like reviving dead persons.

It requires concentration, and cannot be “cast” just by clapping one’s hands or snapping one’s fingers. The whole soul must be focused on the task, at least in the first years of learning, and it can be mentally and physically exhausting.

*Elements an their “functions” :

*Arcana (utility and defense magic) : Telepathy, summoning food and water, telekinesis, teleportation, invisibility, mana shield, portals, counter-spell, mana leech, dispel, silence, paralyze, lock, unlock.
*Earth : Geokinesis, agrokinesis (make plants / trees grow + immobilization / entanglement and damage with plants), earth shield, protection spells, insect summoning, cure poison, cure decease, cure paralysis, bound armor / weapon.
*Air : Aerokinesis, electrokinesis, lightning shield, invisible barriers, air weapons (blades or else), creating storms and wind, lightning damage.
*Water : Hydrokinesis, cryokinesis, frost shield, trap the enemy into ice, slow down (gliding), frost damage, summon water, water breathing, water walking, ice spikes, watery forms, becoming water.
*Fire : Pyrokinesis, fire shield, fire spitting, smoke screen, explosive traps.
*Light : Photokinesis, vitakinesis, light shield, create light, sun resistance, healing, revival / resurrecting, turn undead, trap undead, detect life, truth spells.
*Dark : Umbrakinesis, shadow shield, shadow traveling, summoning demons, disorientation, blood magic, death spells, life leech, soul leech, mind and body control, rise people from the dead, torture spell, turning health into mana.

*Elemental pairings for special jewelry :

-Not all elements can be combined together, also, some elements forbid the presence of others on the same jewel : e.g : fire and water cannot be paired. There can, however, coexist on the same individual on another jewel.

-The Arcana branch is not really a real element, and is more considered to be the common magical base everyone can learn without needing a jewel to make it easier (although having a jewel with that one is still recommended). It can pair along with any element.

-A maximum of four elements can be active at a time on an individual (for stones of power (wyldaeren species), this would be 2 stones with a pairing on each).

*Forbidden spells :

-Death spells

-Mind controlling

-Rise people from the dead

-Torture spell

-Truth spells, only to some extent (e.g : only law-men/women are allowed to use it).

*Most rare / advanced skills :

-Shapeshifting : Limited to races, and in most cases, transmitted only by biting.

-Revival / resurrecting (advanced, rare).

-Blood magic (rare) : (most used by vampires, is considered to be a part of the shadow branch) : uses their own health to perform damage and absorb health of their victim.

**Other races / species :

-Plants and animals are almost the same as on the earth we live on, some other species, extinct, mythical, or of my own, maybe added.

-Gaia : The world’s creator. Goddess of life and death and everything else. Wyldaeren worship and respect her but it the rituals and offerings aren’t forced on any race to live better or something. She is not a religion. All the same applies to any being when living and dying, their soul joins the world in the magical flow called Inataeh, worshiping and “praying” her barely change anything. Gaia herself doesn’t ask for it, she is just there to ensure her world is working properly (at it’s creation), created a first few species and let them live and evolve. Like her deamons, she is barely intervening in the world’s march.

-”Gaia Deamon” or just “Deamon” : They are inherently linked to the world, and if the world dies, they die along and vice-versa. They have no specific appearance and can appear under many forms, like fog, plants/trees, humanoids, animals…They are invulnerable, immortal and neutral to all species, and able to kill any living being at anytime without effort. They are the living representation of the goddess Gaia, and talking to one equals talking to her. They never take part in wars between species or preservation of the environment, they leave that up to wyldaeren, except when the world is on the verge of dying.

-Undead : Most often, these are raised from the dead or summoned by necromancers which is very badly seen by all other sentient humanoid species. They tend to be eliminated a well as the necromancers who created them.

**Humanoid sentient races / species and their mutual interactions :

*Wyldaeren : Also known as the “warriors of Gaia”, cruel and selfish to some, and generally very protective towards their environment and their own survival, they are dwelling in the huge forests of wyrdenia, nomadic and going from place to place. They can be found in tribes, in family clans, friends clan, working clans, or all alone. They are in general neutral towards other species, except if that species threaten them, they can show to be fierce fighters, which is the case with the nakaar, and probably darkenalves as well.

*Nakaar (Human-like society…almost) : The Nakaar descend from the elves, and are their kin. Most of them are quite narrow minded and thinking themselves superior to all the rest. Although the relationship between them and the wyldaeren and elves was once peaceful, but then they started to want more power and dominate the other races (especially those two) they considered of inferior intelligence, which led to severe misunderstanding and hatred between species who started warring. Some were captured and tortured and threw into a pit to fight with lobotomized werewolves, for the sheer pleasure of the crowd, others were used as slaves.

Technology and especially pollution made things even worse.

An agreement to stop these acts has been made, but it still remains quite fragile.

Only primitive nakaar tribes aren’t at war with other species, are more open minded, but are now severely endangered.

*Blyekun (Vampires) : Neutral relationship with other species except with the Nakaar, being somewhat considered as a lesser species. Vampires sometimes prey on them, although a rule prohibits it. The reason for this is that nakaar may be the most easy prey amongst all animals, but when the blyekun were once endangered by them and nearly driven to extinction.

It’s also not tolerated to fraternize with them, unless to turn them.

*Werewolf : Therianthropism originated from sorcery. The nakaar and elves who tried couldn’t shift back at first, or had a hard time doing so, some couldn’t even shift back and found themselves stuck in form, and what was supposed to be a one-time transformation, ended up being somewhat a curse that repeated itself once a week. But this has evolved, and modern werewolves can now shift almost at will. Like the vampires, they were driven to near extinction, and the remaining were lobotomized and used to fight other species mercilessly.

*Elven : Dwelling in the forest, they are generally secret and shy and prefer not to show too often, they’ll usually observe with interest and curiosity other species from a tree where they like to climb, making no sound and being hard to detect. Allied to the wyldaeren, constantly at war with darkenalves.

*Darkenalf : Born from the love between an elf and a corrupted daemon. They tend to be evil, due to their attraction for black magic, and are barely tolerated by other races, would they not use their foul magic in their presence, and destroy everything. They are said to have a domination obsession, and sought to dominate the world.

They are as nature-loving as all other kinds of elves, yet favour the dark side of nature, which is also a legimate way (for them) to honor the deeds of Gaia- by destroying it.

Are generally allied with Nakaar.

*Troll : They are tribal people living in wooden huts in the forests of Wyrdenia, and are half nomadic. They are opportunistic and will make anything their home. Their skin range from green to blue. Live indifferently at night or day, neutral to other species.

Sometimes hunt along with the wyldaeren.

*Orc : Desert dwellers, can live in the forests too. They enjoy high temperatures. Their skin is greenish / light brown, and they are mostly diurnal. Not much interactions with other species.

They are from the same branch as trolls, although it separated the two species early.

*Dwarf : They live mainly high up in the mountains and barely interact with other races, they hate Darkenalves with a passion, and are neutral to other races. They are little in size and agile to move in such terrains.

**Wyrdenia history and wars : (This section is very incomplete, but here, have an overview still.)

Since the Nakaar started to develop their technology, they created cyborgs and machines, and the wyrnia, a light and solid metal that frays under shock, naturally reinforcing the bones of wyldaeren and some other species, has been their main source for their technological creations. The easiest way to have it without destroying too much the landscape and eliminating concurrence over wild territories and games has been to kill these species, and engage them into war.


All concepts © Aurore “MetalFeline” Ciholas.

Do not use, copy, plagiarize, redistribute, claim as your own, etc…without my expressed written permission.



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