Closed gate

What you have done to me
Has left me angry
For the rest of my days
Feel my pain
Flowing through your veins
Your damned life will end soon
Don’t you worry
I’ll be your caretaker
I know you don’t recognize me
’cause you’re bleeding
And your screaming
Far away from me
In your loneliness
All alone and so far
But I can still feel
I can still touch you
I can kill you and you know it
You know how it works
You damn know how it works
Cause you’ve been
Doing the wrong things to me
Now it’s time to feel my rage
Time of dying
To feel this harsh pain
Flowing through your veins
There is no means
To save your damned soul
Cause the karma returns
The karma returns
And you can’t escape
Through a closed gate
You walked away
A long time ago
And you can never go back
Oh yeah, never get back near me
You don’t belong here anymore
So just stay here or run away
Before your blood
Runs out all of your veins
And your soul escapes
And throws itself
Against the closed gate

(c) Aurore Ciholas

saturday 19h09


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