The escape

Let me escape
I don’t want to be your prisoner,
No, no longer
I’m strong enough now
So leave me alone
And forget me
For once and
For all
You can’t capture my soul
Don’t want to see your face anymore
I won’t carry the fault
No more
No more
I won’t be blamed instead of you
Oh no
I’m running away
Far away from you now
You can’t keep me in a cage
No, no longer
‘Cause I know now better
Than this life I lived
This burden I used to lift
I needed you, but you left me on my own
How can I forgive you now
When you refuse to see
You are blind to me
You don’t dare to move
Too bad, you will lose
I used to bury my feelings
Now I don’t want no more, no
I can’t be tamed any longer
For I know now better
Than this life I used to live
This burden crushing my spine
Down, down, down,
I won’t be no more
No more
I’m running away
From the pain
From you
No I can’t be tamed
Leave me be
I have chosen to be free

(c) Aurore Ciholas

friday 14h40


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