Sweeney’s first flight

Lost in the battlefield of life
I was breathing shallow breaths
I was stunned for a while
I could fly from my body
And see myself from the sky
As if I was a bird
Flying high and away
From mankind and despair

And from the beech I rose
Out from the darkness of the leaves
Flying over the fields
My shadow below me
Like a shadow-graph
As I move from one place to the other
Gazing at the civilization below
And before my eyes
The cities…the sea,
The strange crimson water of history
Of madness and blindness
Surrounding us
So far, so close…

© Aurore Ciholas

Part of this was written before going to bed, and the other part, at 3am, because I couldn’t sleep, and had a bit of inspiration all of a sudden. XD
When I was still going in university, I had to study an Irish poet called Seamus Heaney (pronounces something like : “Sheemus Heenee” ) at this time. Actually, I didn’t read all his poetry, but we had to read some that our teacher asked us to study and think about.
So I read them. Not all, maybe five, and then had the inspiration to write this. It’s about Sweeney Astray (Buile suibhne), an Irish king, who was cursed to turn into a bird for the rest of his life while still on a battlefield (if I recall the legend correctly).

Une partie de celui-là à été écrite avant que j’aille me coucher, et l’autre partie, à 3h du matin parce que ne n’arrivais pas à dormir et que j’étais soudainement inspirée. XD
Quand j’allais encore à l’université, je devais étudier un poète Irlandais : Seamus Heaney (on le prononce “Sheemus Heenee” ou quelque chose comme ça). Je n’ai jamais lu tout ses poèmes, mais notre prof nous avait demandé d’en lire quelque uns, et d’y réfléchir, ce que j’ai fais.
Et encore, pas tous. Peut-être 5, tout au plus, car j’ai été inspirée et j’ai écris ce poème. Il parle de Sweeney Astray (Buile suibhne), un roi Irlandais, qui reçu la malédiction de se transformer en oiseau pour le reste de sa vie, alors qu’il était sur le champ de bataille (si je me rappelle bien la légende).


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