Love’s delusion

I gave up believing
I gave up on this light
Never shines in my heart
This flame is not even
Able just to warm me
Not yet able to burn
The cold all around me
And still it keeps going
Indifferent to all
To all the harsh feelings
All hanged inside of me
If only it was true…
That light shining bright…
I could make it with you
But still decieved by light
That I am…
Vicious circle it is
That I can’t realize
All of my deepest dreams
To feel near me your heat
But all I see is a bleak haze
And In the maze of my mind
When I tought it was a heaven
Where I could get a good haven
Then my horizon darkens
Then, all of a sudden,
I realize
The pain is still inside
And my lost soul’s still roaming
And without touching me
The lurid light is gone
So far away…
And the pain is so deep
That all I do is weep
Hoping to purify,
To return to normal
My old scars and my soul
To make believe my foolish Spirit
That somewhere love exists…

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Thursday 24-03-2011


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