Oh wilderness

Mind astray
Gazing into the wilderness
Of my heart
Searching answers
Into this deep forest
Where questions gather
Where one always search
For the other half of itself
Oh, wilderness
Lost in too deep
In complete darkness
Of one’s vowing heart
To find promises
The only that remains
Always kept in the end
To find true wishes of the soul
An heathen heart, wild nature
Wilderness, my soul
Oh mother earth, to be one
With you only
Feel the connection
Sneaking in my senses
So I can find the path
Which leads to this wild life
And fleeting
Fleeing away with everyday
Passing by
Over and over again
and again
Like a whisper in my ears,
In my heart
The deepest of all
The circle of life,
The goddess
The wilderness…

(c) Aurore Ciholas

19-02-2011, and Wed/mercredi 07 sept 2011 00h20


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