Self destruction

Thirst bound
Slave of (blood) lust
Attached by links of pain
Always fighting in vain
My way through chimeric visions
And nightmares’s creations
Oh my,
Caught in the webs and traps
Of a daydream, once beautiful
But from now on filled with fuel
Splitted in two by an axe
My spirit’s crying for salvation
Trying to stop my self-destruction

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Thursday 29 october 2009 15h15


8 thoughts on “Self destruction

    • I like it, espacially the last stanza.
      Also, you should try this : when you are on the page to post a new post, there are two tabs : one is called “visual”, and the other “HTML”. Write your text in the latter (or copy it from your program in there), then switch to the “visual” tab, to change your text (like : make it bold if you like, or change it’s color and so on…in general, switch between these two. This is what I do and it works perfect. 😀
      Go edit your post and give me news okay ? ^^


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