Comfort me

I traveled for so long
Now there’s only one thing I long
For, your warmth, your touch,
Now (that) you’re here…
I wish you’d never go…
Away from me,
Stay near, (with me)
The autumn leaves have fallen,
My dear, Hold me close,
I don’t want to feel the cold on my skin,
Comfort me,
And while my hands run down your chin,
I’ll give you my warmth too (in return)
I was so tired from walking…
In search for some rest
Now I can close my eyes,
You make me feel safe
Holding you close
And I won’t let go
Untill the cold night fades away
Into a clear and brightful day…
Stay near, my dear…
All these nights we’ll spend now together
Warming, holding close each other
Right in the heart of the winter,
Listen to the rythm of mine,
On christmas day…

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Monday 11 February 2008 00h00
Was listening to “comfort me” by Shadow Gallery when I wrote this.

J’écoutais “Comfort me” de Shadow Gallery quand j’ai écris ça.


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