Time for the hunt

In the snowy field,
They walk silently
Through the winter night,
They howl endlessly
They run through the dark
The rest of the pack
Their prey in the night
It’s time for the hunt
Watch them stalk and lurk
Time to bite, time to kill
Time to make some hot blood spill
Filtering through the cold snow
Hear their whispers…
They talk to each other
Time will soon come,
For their prey to be undone
And soon the race will start
To escape death in the winterheart
A life will end,
Another will be
The circle of life
Is eternally meant to be
You can still see their souls
Roaming in the night
You can still hear the howls
Of the family pack

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Tuesday 27 november 2007 16h40
I was bored when I wrote this.
I hope you are not bored reading it though… :p


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