Captive melancholy

Do you hear it’s howl…?
In the heart of winter…
Like a captive soul,
Spreading a prayer…
A heart in a cage,
Longing for freedom…
Hearing its pack mates
And willing to escape
From this boredom…
A captive melancholy
That the wind will carry…

That I cannot be chained
For eternity
One day I’ll escape
For my destiny…

You are so far away
But I cannot reach you
I wish to fly away…
Just to be with you…

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Friday 16 November 2007 22h15
Wrote this just after I have watched this video…it really made me cry…here: please watch it, so you know what I’m talking about in this poem.
I have nothing much to say…I just hope you enjoy my art…:)

J’ai écris ça juste après avoir regardé cette vidéo, elle m’a émue : svp regardez-la, comme ça vous saurez de quoi je parle dans ce poème.


One thought on “Captive melancholy

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