Lost love

I will reach for you
Every night and day
I will howl your name
Because I can’t stay away…
From you anymore…
I will walk at night
On a misty path
And under the moon,
I will cry for you
The wind’ll carry my complaint…
By the plains and the mountains
We didn’t say goodbye…
We didn’t have the time…
You left me in this war…
Oh, why…?
You left so suddenly…
You left me in torment
Life has left your body…
No, I can’t stay silent…
And to follow you in death…
Oh, will I ever dare…?
My lost love…
This was my last breath…

(c) Aurore Ciholas

Monday 12 november 2007 10h35
Don’t worry, I haven’t lost anyone in any war. XD
Got just inpired from the romantical movement which is violence too, and death… (if you know Romeo and Juliett).
I didn’t read it when I wrote this, but now I have. So here as you can see, it’s the same point schema…or something. Enjoy ?

Je n’ai perdu personne. XD Je me suis seulement inspirée du mouvement romantique, qui exprime la violence et la mort entre autres (si vous avez lu Roméo et Juliette…).
Je ne l’avais pas lu à l’époque où j’ai écris ça, mais par la suite oui.


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