I like to play with you… (WARNING : GORE)

I like to play with you
Tear you apart
Paint the floor in red
Untill you’re dead
Make the walls bloody
Asking if you love me
And then tormenting me
Will you ever come back
After all we’ve done
To each other
Make ourselves suffer…
Ah yes I love to do that…
Rip you off…
Tear you apart…
Love is much better…
When one of us have to suffer…

And I’m looking at your blood run…
Captures my eyes like the sun…
Yet you know how much I love it…
It makes me feel hectic…
Can’t stop thinking about it…

© Aurore Ciholas

Tuesday 23 october 2007 19h35…is the time when I wrote the first section of this. Then I wrote the continuation on Sunday 28 october 2007 at 16h15 (after the star).
I was angry again.

J’ai écris ce poème en 2 fois, a une semaine d’intervalle, le 23 et le 28 octobre 2007.


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