Come undone… (WARNING : GORE)

I forgave you,
But I’ll watch you die
It’s too late for you,
And my tears will dry
All that you’ve done to me
Will go away in your agony
I’ll watch you suffer
Untill your last breath
Untill it’s all over
Untill your damned death
In the silence of the night
The dark will take away the light
And then I’ll hear your screams
They will drown us in anger
During the rage of the thunder
Look how life can be mean
It has torn you apart
Right after me in the dark
Now you will die
Your time has come
Don’t be scared,
Everyone comes undone
One day or another…
We end up in suffer
Even we call desperately
But noone hear you or me
This is how we all end
Beeing alone in the end…
(c) Aurore Ciholas
Tuesday 23 october 2007 10h30
I somewhat like to write stuff like this, especially when I feel depressed… XD

J’aiiimeee écrire des trucs comme ça, surtout quand je me sens déprimée… XD


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