My heart is on fire…

My heart is on fire
Never thought it could happen again
It went like a shot in my heart
Now it’s burning me from the inside

I’m thinking of you
Everyday and night
When the moon is high
And this feeling won’t leave me alone
My love, You’re my home

© Aurore Ciholas

Thursday 28 september 2006
This one is my first poem (probably), I as started to write in 2006. No I was not in love or anything of that kind. XD
It’s old and I won’t come back on the bunch of errors I did in it.

C’est probablement mon premier poème, comme j’ai commencé a écrire en 2006.
Et je n’étais pas amureuse ou quoi que ce soit. XD
Je sais qu’il est sans doute plein “d’erreurs”, mais il est vieux et je ne reviendrai pas dessus pour les corriger.


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